Evan LMS Plugin Changelog

2019.09.22 – Version 3.1.4

  • Bug fix: show of correct vs incorrect answers on lesson results page

2019.09.19 – Version 3.1.3

  • Bug fix: login issues
  • Bug fix: enforce login to display course and lesson results shortcodes

2019.09.18 – Version 3.1.2

  • Feature: added course results page
  • Feature: added feedback to lesson results page
  • Update: added styling to feedback blocks and alerts
  • Update: follow up processing
  • Bug fix: lesson results page being skipped
  • Bug fix: redirect_to_url values on evan_lms_form

2019.09.16 – Version 3.0.4

  • Update: logic for insert_update method

2019.08.27 – Version 3.0.3

  • Bug fix: user login issues

2019.08.20 – Version 3.0.0

  • Feature: Broke out evan_response_form custom post type into evan-course, evan-course-promo, evan-lesson and evan-certificate
  • Feature: Added shortcode for displaying course, promos and lessons in outline form with links
  • Feature: Added/updated data schema to support new structure
  • Update: major update of naming conventions throughout the code base, post meta keys, etc.
  • Bug fix: Navigation widget issues due to new data schema

2019.07.30 – Version 2.26.4

  • Update: Added full output for errors for follow_up method

2018.11.12 – Version 2.26.3

  • Bug fix: Issue with course navigation widget

2018.11.05 – Version 2.26.2

  • Feature: Added loading sweet alert to quiz results click on the continue button
  • Feature: Added support for getting user by lead submission hash
  • Update: Added log_user_in static method
  • Update: Simplified user registration functionality
  • Update: Simplified form_submission_handler for getting user info
  • Update: form navigation to only show primary sign up forms for user_forms navigation widget type
  • Bug fix: login issues
  • Bug fix: showing lessons that user has completed in the course navigation widget
  • Bug fix: get user next id functionality
  • Bug fix: Fixed generic/conflicting form ids

2018.11.04 – Version 2.26.0

  • Feature: Overhauled navigation to add nav by course and to add prev and next form nav links
  • Feature: Added error message for when quiz results are not found
  • Feature: Added hashing to lead submissions for use while user is not logged in
  • Feature: Added support for vimeo shortcodes
  • Feature: Added support for shortcodes in decision form questions
  • Update: Updated inline documentation for src files
  • Update: Updated follow up tracking for better error reporting
  • Update: Added required field class to form type, sign up form options, and and sign up form select boxes
  • Update: Added default option to select box generation with $classes being array based and imploded for output
  • Update: Moved register_and_login_user to Register_And_Login class
  • Update: Refactored form submission to allow for unauthenticated users to submit lessons/quizzes
  • Update: Refactored submit of data for lead, lead_submission, and lead_details
  • Bug fix: logic bug in multiple choice “Is Correct?” box showing and hiding based on selected question type
  • Bug fix: logic in ajax_form_submission_handler

2018.10.10 – Version 2.25.1

  • Update: message when users navigate to form that has a prerequisite that they have not yet completed
  • Bug fix: logic issue in has_user_submitted_prerequisite_form static method

2018.10.07 – Version 2.25.0

  • Feature: attached more standardized lead tracking to decision forms
  • Feature: added logic to skip asking for email address on a decision form when the user is already logged in
  • Update: added plugin version to wp_enqueue_script call that didn’t already have it
  • Update: moved submit and next button texts to Main.class.php to allow for localization
  • Update: refactored registration functionality to better conform to OOP standards

2018.10.05 – Version 2.24.6

  • Feature: Added Spanish for Argentina translation
  • Bug fix: Localization of Next and Submit buttons in sweetalert2 forms

2018.06.06 – Version 2.24.4

  • Bug fix: logic issue in has_question method

2018.04.06 – Version 2.24.3

  • Update: Centered privacy message in sweetalert2 dialog box
  • Update: simplified date and datetime constants

2018.04.04 – Version 2.24.2

  • Feature: Added support for question type “email” and changed default question to use it
  • Feature: Updated decision form to add default question to all sections for email capture and to allow admin to change default question text

2018.03.21 – Version 2.24.1

  • Feature: Added customizable text to appear as a link when the display delay is set to something greater than zero

2018.03.14 – Version 2.24.0

  • Feature: Added decision form with sections that map to buttons and questions that map to a modal for the user

2018.02.25 – Version 2.23.7

  • Feature: Added integration for Divi builder by https://elegantthemes.com
  • Update: Moved MailChimp integration to its own class

2018.02.04 – Version 2.23.4

  • Feature: Added font-awesome and updated register form and buttons design

2018.01.22 – Version 2.23.1

  • Feature: Added MailChimp integration – https://mailchimp.com
  • Bug fixes: Fixed bugs in plugin options saving, form options saving, and subscriber sign ups to MailChimp

2018.01.15 – Version 2.22.1

  • Bug fix: link click bug – cursor jumping to top of page

2018.01.14 – Version 2.22.0

  • Feature: added admin option to set a delay (in seconds) for the form to show to the user

2018.01.11 – Version 2.21.1

  • Feature: added smart scrolling to quiz previous and next buttons

2018.01.06 – Version 2.21.0

  • Feature: added text matching method for scoring purposes, allowing for some misspellings, capitalization errors, and special character issues

2017.11.15 – Version 2.20.1

  • Feature: added ability for admins to add questions to sign up forms
  • Feature: added ability for users to experience a hybrid sign up and lesson form, and submit there email and / or password at the end of the lesson
  • Feature: added progress bar to navigation area
  • Update: added plugin version to wp_enqueue files for easier cdn cache updates
  • Update: lots of code updates to clean up and better fit the OOP model

2017.10.30 – Version 2.19.0

  • Feature: added prerequisite functionality
  • Feature: added multiple helper functions for form checking, etc.
  • Update: added new key fields to db to help with searching and/or joing

2017.10.19 – Version 2.18.1

  • Bug fix: logic to store and retrieve redirect to values
  • Bug fix: select box options functionality
  • Bug fix: widget navigation logic
  • Update: base path and base url functions and load_textdomain accordingly

2017.10.19 – Version 2.18.0

  • Update: major update to fully embrace Object Oriented Programming (OOP) model

2017.10.15 – Version 2.17.2

  • Update: increased results returned in Evan Response Forms Navigation Widget

2017.09.12 – Version 2.17.0

  • Feature: added admin option to specify which sign up form options to display to the user
  • Update: added proper return for custom post type saving

2017.07.28 – Version 2.16.9

  • Bug fix: visit tracking affecting logins, etc.
  • Update: minor updates

2017.07.27 – Version 2.16.8

  • Bug fix: navigation widget issue with data model changes
  • Bug fix: Facebook sign ups not tracking in the custom db tables
  • Bug fix: visit_ids being lost due to submissions executing before visit_id is available
  • Bug fix: other bug fixes

2017.07.25 – Version 2.16.7

  • Feature: added author support for Evan Response Form custom post type

2017.07.15 – Version 2.16.6

  • Bug fix: unique index issue when saving form_section and form_question rows
  • Update: minor updates

2017.07.12 – Version 2.16.5

  • Bug fix: ajax object issues (missing ajaxurl, etc.)

2017.07.03 – Version 2.16.3

  • Feature: added js cookie tracking and updates to visit table to include lead_id, js cookie tracking powers updates to current and previous records for lead_id after visitor becomes lead
  • Feature: added user_id to visit table, added ip_address index to visit table
  • Update: made evan_response_follow_up ajax powered
  • Bug fix: correct parsing of site_url for domain only

2017.07.01 – Version 2.15.8

  • Update: moved to tools4missions.org
  • Update: strings throughout

2017.06.25 – Version 2.15.6

  • Bug fix: saving form upon lead’s lesson submission instead of only upon admin user’s submission

2017.06.22 – Version 2.15.5

  • Update: added needs_scoring to data model
  • Update: refactored scoring and data storage methods
  • Bug fix: minor fix to select box function for filtering a matching post out of the return

2017.06.21 – Version 2.15.4

  • Update: ensure that validation gets fired on adding new quiz answer
  • Update: refactor js add / remove answer text partials, renamed js form selection function
  • Update: answer text partials to continue to work properly as the admin user switches question types
  • Update: updated js code for yoda conditions
  • Bug fix: bug fix for hidden question field not allowing admin to save / update post
  • Bug fix: refactor js add / remove answer text partials, renamed js form selection function
  • Bug fix: refactor form saving to reorder form answers correctly for all question types, so scoring will be accurate and output correctly

2017.06.20 – Version 2.15.2

  • Update: added needs_scoring to codebase for optimal decision handling on when to score answers or not
  • Update: data model update – key change from _erf_quiz to _erf_details
  • Update: other minor updates
  • Bug fix: data tracking issues with starting / continue courses

2017.06.19 – Version 2.15.1

  • Feature: added new Essay / Multi-line question type and separated out the Short Answer and Fill in the Blank question types
  • Update: major update to data model
  • Update: removed user feedback check mark in favor of new Essay / Multi-line question type

2017.06.17 – Version 2.14.2

  • Update: Bulgarian translation localization file
  • Update: significant refactor of database calls for inserts / updates
  • Update: updated user feedback tracking
  • Bug fix: users getting redirected back to same sign up page if they hadn’t previously completed at least one lesson
  • Bug fix: getting the correct answer id
  • Bug fix: calculating quiz results properly
  • Bug fix: updating lead_submission table properly
  • Bug fix: forms calculation function to differentiate between quizzes and other types of forms

2017.06.13 – Version 2.13.15

  • Feature: added edit_dt to lead_submission and lead_detail tables
  • Feature: added ability to leave a section without questions
  • Feature: added question and answer validation to ensure data integrity
  • Update: minor function name update
  • Update: added sql prepare statements throughout the codebase
  • Update: updated content escaping to protect data processing
  • Bug fix: visit_id not always tracking properly due to relying on user ip and http_referer
  • Bug fix: call to ld.form_title which no longer exists

2017.06.12 – Version 2.13.7

  • Update: updated to fulfillment
  • Update: re-ordered fulfillment calls for proper joining / updating

2017.06.11 – Version 2.13.5

  • Feature: added code to prevent evan response form submissions with the enter key
  • Update: user incorrect answers saved as 0 user_points instead of null
  • Bug fix: really fixed bug in decision form user answer tracking

2017.06.10 – Version 2.13.4

  • Feature: major upgrade of database model for storing point values for questions, moving lead tracking fields, etc.
  • Feature: re-ordered sending of database tables to ensure that records do not become available in the follow up system until they completely transfer
  • Bug fix: update form submission aggregations / purges for all form types
  • Bug fix: short answers / fill in the blank answers were using case sensitive matching, updated to case insensitive
  • Bug fix: decision forms not saving users’ answers
  • Update: added index to is_sent database fields

2017.06.08 – Version 2.11.1

  • Bug fix: grading issue – broke out is_correct data into form_is_correct and user_is_correct on lead_detail table

2017.06.08 – Version 2.11.0

  • Feature: major database upgrade to save all questions per submission and aggregate stats per submission
  • Bug fix: updated sign up and login process to only show the – OR – appropriately given the FB settings

2017.06.06 – Version 2.10.2

  • Bug fix: settings page slug malformed when site put in non-english language

2017.06.06 – Version 2.10.1

  • Feature: added Russian translation localization file
  • Bug fix: filename correction for Russian translation localization file

2017.06.05 – Version 2.9.1

  • Bug fix: double output of login form if er_form shortcode is used to output form
  • Update: adjusted quiz results output
  • Feature: upgraded from sweetalert to sweetalert2 and migrated alerts for better user experience
  • Feature: added shortcode for outputting forms navigation widget

2017.05.28 – Version 2.7.4

  • Bug fix: updated Bulgarian file naming convention as necessary
  • Bug fix: nonce issue in admin form creation/editing
  • Update: added header information for localization

2017.05.26 – Version 2.7.2

  • Bug fix: updated timestamps to use current_time
  • Bug fix: updated calculations and data storage routines as necessary

2017.05.26 – Version 2.7.1

  • Feature: Added initial Bulgarian translation files
  • Feature: added storage of submission results to database, including quiz scores

2017.05.08 – Version 2.6.5

  • Feature: Added initial Thai translation files
  • Feature: hide WP Toolbar for all users except for admin users
  • Feature: added shortcode for dropping an Evan Response form anywhere it is desired
  • Feature: added error output to Facebook login process if it fails to properly complete on return from Facebook
  • Bug fix: Facebook login integration was breaking if settings were not entered by admin
  • Bug fix: Facebook login redirection to the proper “next” Evan Response form
  • Bug fix: removed wp_kses_post for form output sections as it was removing desired html markup
  • Bug fix: fixed check_ajax_referer throughout code base for proper execution

2017.03.05 – Version 2.5.0

  • Feature: added Facebook Login integration

2017.01.31 – Version 2.4.8

  • Bug fix: wp_editor was breaking some template deployments due to ob_get_clean(). Fixed by switching to ob_get_contents().

2016.11.30 – Version 2.4.7

  • Feature: added ability for admin user to add sections to sign up forms
  • Update: translation .pot file updated, example translation files removed
  • Bug fix: stopped fatal error when admin user removes all sections and saves form

2016.11.27 – Version 2.4.6

  • Feature: added checkmark and transparency to links in user’s forms navigation to indicate completion of form(s)
  • Update: added sort column to unique index on section, question, and answer tables to ensure that the same content can be duplicated, and also that a change in the order of section(s), question(s), and/or answer(s) will be tracked as new records

2016.11.26 – Version 2.4.5

  • Feature: added additional localization functions
  • Feature: added translation pot file
  • Feature: added disable attribute to “Continue” button upon user click on the quiz results page

2016.11.25 – Version 2.4.4

  • Feature: moved quiz results to its own custom template
  • Feature: modified regististration page to be smarter on sending people to the appropriate url after regististration / login (or if they are already logged in)
  • Feature: modified Evan Response Forms Navigation widget to allow admin user to show all sign up forms / courses available or just the forms / courses the user has registered for
  • Bug fix: not all answers being saved if user did not answer question(s)

2016.11.21 – Version 2.4.2

  • Feature: added Evan Response Forms Navigation widget for showing forms / courses in hierarchical format
  • Feature: coverted login, registration and quiz / decision form submission to AJAX for improved user experience

2016.11.17 – Version 2.4.0

  • Update: removed extraneous registration fields
  • Update: removed dependence on CMB2 plugin

2016.11.12 – Version 2.3.2

  • Feature: improved multiple choice interface for mobile and desktop answer selection
  • Feature: added support for custom categories
  • Feature: added support for shortcode execution within quiz questions and answers
  • Feature: execute shortcodes in the section content box for quizzes
  • Update: simplified answer randomization admin options for quizzes
  • Update: change redirect to page to previous page in evan response form admin
  • Bug fix: illegal offset for a few array elements

2016.01.30 – Version 2.3.0

  • Feature: added initial translation structure
  • Feature: added initial Spanish translation

2015.12.31 – Version 2.2.0

  • Bug fix: grading not returning the correct results
  • Bug fix: Timestamp on grading output incorrect
  • Bug fix: Sorting of questions on grading page
  • Update: Checked for user empty answers, post content, section content, questions; insert NULL into db, instead of blank
  • Update: Added sort, create_dt, and edit_dt columns to various db tables

2015.12.31 – Version 2.1.8

  • updated quiz grading to conform to the new data structure and to allow for grading of questions with multiple answers (fill in the blank and short answer questions
  • synced data transmissions
  • added wpautop to quiz section output to preserve formatting on the front end
  • added css and other styling elements to improve the visual appeal of the quizzes

2015.12.29 – Version 2.1.5

  • updated db data storage for better/easier quiz calculations and transmission
  • added additional data depth to allow admins to store answers of multi-part fill-in-the-blank questions

2015.12.25 – Version 2.0.5

  • fixed data serialization issue
  • added section content into quiz submission array
  • added checks to remove PHP array index errors
  • refactored admin scripts call for just the add and edit pages for the custom post type “Evan Response Form”

2015.12.21 – Version 2.0.0

  • completely rebuilt framework for Evan Response custom metabox, no longer dependent on CMB2
  • added support for multiple content sections with quiz questions in each section
  • refactored multiple choice questions to include checkbox for the correct answer, as opposed to separate fields for incorrect answers vs correct answers, thus simplifying the process and creating a much better data structure
  • added support for fill-in-the-blank and short answer question generation in custom metabox
  • added drag-n-drop sortable sections, questions, and answers with the custom metabox and corresponding front end display

2015.08.23 – Version 1.0.8

  • added a tag “erform” to go directly to the form via a hash tag link

2015.07.04 – Version 1.0.7

  • corrected issue in quiz score calculation when user does not answer one or more questions
  • restored jQuery script files that were inadvertently removed

2015.06.25 – Version 1.0.6

  • refactored code for cleaner structure
  • integration with ERS for forms, leads, and visits

2015.06.21 – Version 1.0.5

  • moved API endpoint

2015.05.21 – Version 1.0.4

  • moved API endpoint
  • initial integration with ERS tool for new leads

2015.05.03 – Version 1.0.3

  • moved API endpoint
  • bug fixes for post API endpoint change and associated data transfer issues
  • bug fix for custom meta box saving information in the wrong place and refreshing questions and answers incorrectly

2015.03.08 – Version 1.0.2

  • added admin jQuery script for additional admin functionality
  • added show/hide code in admin jQuery for appropriate Evan Response meta box sections based on the form type selected by the admin user
  • added “er-button” class to html elements of input type=”submit”

2015.03.05 – Version 1.0.1

  • Added question by question results to the quiz results page
  • added jQuery continue button to quiz results page to hide the quiz results and show the content of the target page after the user finishes reviewing their quiz results
  • additional updates

2015.03.01 – Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

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